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At COIF Hair Salon, we work with hair in its natural state, treating it as organic material, to apply precision techniques with consideration to what will suit the individual; crafting a look of effortless sophistication and beauty.



We have experienced hair stylists with the skill and expertise to help you achieve the look you desire.


$150 - $180

A Permanet Straight is known by many names: thermal reconditioning, rebonding, magic straight perm, Korean Straightening, Japanese straightening to name a few. A special solution is applied to curly or frizzy hair and a hot iron straightens the hair. Once the hair has been neutralized, the hair is dried and the resulting hair is straight and sleek. The best part is that it stays straight all day even if you sweat or take a shower!


$140 - $180

Keratins smooths and fill in the damage of the hair's cuticle layer. A Keratin treatment prevents heat and humidity to create the perfect healthy hair while the natural curls and frizzes are smoothed out. Keratin is a semi-permanent treatment, lasting about 3 months depending on the hair’s texture.

Root Color

Minimum $48

The stylists at COIF Hair Salon are highly trained in the art of cutting, styling and coloring. Our colorists know the latest techniques to help you look incredible.

Hight Light

$48 - $120

COIF Hair Salon can give our clients a unique hair coloring by adding dimension and contrast the rest of the hair with selected strands of hair. Highlighting is usually for lightening the strands of hairs from the natural hair color.

Cut Blow


Trust us when you need a haircut to freshen up, a new hair color in preparation for a new phase in your life, or to make your hair softer and healthier with a power shot of hair protein or deep conditioning mask. After the haircut, we follow up with a blow-dry to give your hair a beautiful shape and volume using our electric dryer.

Digital Perm

$150 - $180

Digital Perms are a perming innovation. The trend began among the young and fashion-forward in Korea and Japan and spread all over the worlds. In the U.S, where beautiful curls and waves are all over print ads, runways, and celebrities, a Digital Perm is the solution to having beaufitul waves everyday without the hours spend with a curling iron.

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